Quantum leap in hard disk technology

Especially designed for research, development and quality control of magnetic storage media and other magnetic material, the hr-MFM (high-resolution Magnetic Force Microscope) is an analytical and quantitative magnetic imaging system. Its exceptionally high magnetic resolution of 10 nm or better matches the best results obtained by SEMPA (Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarization Analysis) on disk media.

The hr-MFM is a key instrument in the improvement of the current hard disk technology and is optimized for research and development departments of the data storage industry. In Research Centers and Universities it is an excellent tool to analyze surface structures and to characterize new magnetic materials and thin film technology, for example magnetic quantum dots and layered nanostructures for mRAM and FeRAM applications.

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magnetic nanodots

The individual magnetic FePt nanodots of 70 nm size show an internal domain pattern (high-resolution MFM mode).

By courtesy of Tsinghua University, China

magnetic nanodots

The line section through the magnetic image (yellow line) matches with the same section through the contact-mode topographic image (blue line).