Pictures of NanoScan Products

Gigasteps on a nanoscale

With excellent know-how in the fast growing field of nanoscience, the main focus of NanoScan AG is on research and development of high-resolution and versatile magnetic and non-contact scanning force microscopes. These instruments are especially designed to fulfill the present and future analytical needs on nanometer-sized surface structures.


Key products

VLS-80  (Vacuum Large Stage Microscope) the next-generation instrument following the hr-MFM for highest magnetic resolution and 80 microns scan range.
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PPMS®-AFM (Atomic Force Microscope) – first AFM with high-resolution MFM mode designed for the PPMS of Quantum Design. Less than 25 mm diameter.
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NanoScan at SIMS Europe
NanoScan will have a joint booth with its mother company ION-TOF at the upcoming SIMS Europe Conference in Muenster, Germany, on 18-20 September. For those who have registered to the ION-TOF users' meeting, it will be a unique opportunity to see both the VLS-80 and the combined SPM/ToF-SIMS in action!

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